Gift theme YouTube channel kit with YouTube banner, intro and outros!


✨In this package of Gift Theme YouTube Channel Kit, you will receive;

1 YouTube Banner
1 YouTube Intro
3 YouTube Outros
1 Free Brand Mood board
1 Free Youtube Subscribe Button

After purchasing, you will be able to download your product directly from the site!

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Brand yourself now with this beautiful self-editable YouTube Channel Kit. This kit consist of a youtube banner, a youtube intro, and 3 youtube outros. Grab them now! Let them know it’s you!!

✨Why you should choose this beautiful YouTube Channel Kit template;

– professionally designed for you
– strategic template, customized to perfectly fits your YouTube elements
– 100 % easy customization, easy to edit as you wish
– drag and drop any elements
– change to any colour as desired
– enable to duplicate pages
– choose your font style
– choose how to animate
– add your own picture, logo and text
– add or remove any element as you wish

✨In this package of YouTube Channel Kit, you will receive;

1 YouTube Banner
1 YouTube Intro
3 YouTube Outros
1 Free Brand Mood board
1 Free Youtube Subscribe Button

✨Product Descriptions;

💖YouTube Banner

-This YouTube banner is carefully designed to perfectly fit your YouTube Header in all of your devices. You don’t need to worry about the banner size anymore. The elements in the YouTube banner are precisely added to beautifully decorate your YouTube phone header and your desktop header. Save your time by grabbing this designated template!

💖YouTube Intro

– You need your YouTube intro to grab your viewers’ attention. Besides having the option to change your text styles or text colors, you can also choose whether or not you want to animate your intro. You can also animate your text as you wish!

💖YouTube Endscreen Cards

-You need these end screen cards to make the viewers keep viewing your videos. And, most of all, you need your end cards to make more viewers subscribe to your channel. Let these beautiful end cards decorate your YouTube end screens.

💖Branding Mood board

– I create this mood board specially for you to make it easier for you to organize your brand across all of your social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In this brand mood board, I have prepared the original brand template, brand colour, and brand fonts for this Gift theme.

-For the brand logo, brand social elements, and brand inspirations, you can change them according to your interest.

– You can always add or remove any brand elements as you wish on this mood board template to fit your own brand interest. You need your personalized brand now! Use the same theme across all social media platforms and again, let them know it’s YOU!

– How to use this brand mood board? For example, you want to make a header for your Facebook using this Gift theme. You just open your mood board template and pick the brand colour or other brand elements in this mood board template to create your Facebook header. Now, you will have a beautiful standardized theme across all of your platforms 😍.

💖Youtube Subscribe Button

– I create this type of subscribe button to encourage more viewers to subscribe to your channel. I personally recommend putting this subscribe button as your video watermark instead of the logo or picture because when people look at it, they know that they can actually click the button to subscribe. It is not just a mere image. They will be more prompted to subscribe to your channel.

-The size of this youtube subscribe button is already optimized for your video watermark. Think no more👌

– I tell you what, this is a strong-call-to action button. Psst, “click here to subscribe” is always stronger than just “subscribe” 😉. So, grab it now!

✨How To Use;

After receive the pdf, you can open the pdf with Google Chrome. Click the template links and click “use template”. Access the templates with your Canva Account. If you do not have Canva account, you can just create your new free Canva account by signing up. Edit your template accordingly and download as PNG or JPG for image. Choose PNG for high quality image. Download as MP4 for animated template.

For the added free element, the youtube subscribe button, it’s a png file that you can directly download and use after purchasing.

✨After download;

– Just change your YouTube banner image with the new YouTube banner image. Your image will fit your YouTube header perfectly.

– You must add your intro and end card first to your actual video using the software you use to edit the video before uploading it to YouTube. Drag the next video you want to show to your viewers into the end card box provided.

– To create your brand using the mood board, customize your profile logo, colour, font, elements, and social media icon according to your interest. Sync the elements you use across all other platforms. Make yourself recognizable with your beautiful brand <3

– For the youtube subscribe button, you can go to your youtube channel customization and upload the given image at the video watermark section. For the display time option, you can choose the entire video.

✨The display of the template image does not represent the actual size. The template with the right size that will perfectly fit your Youtube elements will be given within your purchase.

✨This is a digital file means you will be able to directly download your product after your purchase! No physical product will be posted.

✨If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to assist you. Thank You.

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