Packing list to help you plan your holiday! An editable pdf & printable pdf!


✨In this package of packing list, you will receive;

3 zip files
Include 3 file sizes (A4, A5, US Letter Size)
Include editable and non-editable pdf file

After purchasing, you will be able to download your product directly from the site!
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packing list

A packing list will help you to plan what to pack for your trip or vacation. This is an editable pdf where you can write and edit on the pdf itself or you can also print the pdf and write on it. It’s your choice.

This trip checklist will be helpful to help you memorize all the essential things you need to bring for your vacation or trip.

✨Why you should choose this packing list ;

– organize the essential items you need to pack for the vacation
– easy and convenient to use
– enable to print unlimited pages
– editable and printable pdf
– available in 3 sizes, A4, A5, and US Letter size

✨In this package of packing checklist, you will receive

3 zip files of Packing Checklist
Include 3 file sizes (A4, A5, US Letter Size)
Include editable and non-editable pdf file

✨Product Descriptions;

– This packing list is useful when you need to list down all the items you need to bring to your vacation or trip.

– It helps you to ensure no items are missed out behind when you plan for your vacation.

– Using this packing checklist, there is no need to memorize every single essential item. Just list it down, and mark or click on the check box to indicate the items are already packed.

– You really need this travel checklist to sort things out. It is so helpful and convenient to be used.

– This is an editable and printable pdf file. You can choose to type directly on the pdf or
print the pdf first, then write your items to pack.

– It is so easy to use. Choose any pdf according to your need! There is no limit to how many times you can edit or print the pdf. The usage is unlimited.
This is really what you need. So grab it now!


✨How To Use;

– After purchasing the file, you can directly download all the zip files from the site. Easily extract all the pdf files you need on your computer.

– You have the option to directly type your items onto the page or print first, then write your items on it.

– If you choose to type on the pdf, you can always edit your item whenever you need it. I also provided the prefilled packing list for your convenience. You can directly use it or edit it first according to your need.

– After finishing the edit, you can save the file by downloading again the file with all the changes you have made.

– If you want to edit the pdf file using your phone, you can easily download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app first for free from the playstore, then you can continue to edit your file.

-If you choose to print and write on the file, you can always print the pdf according to your need. The copies are unlimited!

-This is an instant download digital product, no physical product will be shipped.

✨Shipping Information;

– This is a digital product, which means the product is ready to be downloaded straight away after buying. No physical product will be shipped.

– No shipping fees and no waiting time! Buy once and it’s yours!

A4 size
A5 size
US Letter Size (8.5inch x 11 inches)

✨ Colors
White theme

✨ Side note

The display of the template image does not represent the actual size. The template with the right size will be given with your purchase.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form or you can email me at I’ll be glad to assist you.

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